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Hello MPNOD member,
Here is a fresh update from the Miami Pioneers and Natives of Dade Historical Society
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We hope you're having a nice summer break.

With no meetings in July and August, we lose some momentum over the summer, so it's important for everyone to come to the September 9th meeting to get our historic society back on track for another great season of interesting speakers and presentations.

Save the Date: Sunday, September 9

The next Miami Pioneers and Natives of Dade meeting will be held on Sunday, September 9th. Please make a note on your calendar. Complete details will be forthcoming after the August board meeting. We look forward to a well-attended September 9th meeting, to get our season off to a good start and announce some positive changes coming to our club.

Board Meeting on Tuesday, August 21

The MP/NOD board members will be meeting on August 21 at the private room at Duffy's Tavern on Red Road at 2pm. There is a lot of excitement and enthusiasm among board members and a great level of enthusiasm.

Here's a reminder of our new officers and board members.
President: Seth Bramson
Vice President: Robert A. Burr
Corresponding Secretary: Mary Pyle
Recording Secretary: Barbara Koesy
Treasurer: Marlene Carlin
Historian: Darlene Crum
Sergeant at Arms: Janet English
Past President: Jim Harnett

All members are welcome to get involved and volunteer for a leadership position within the club to help in any manner possible. Let us know if you're interested.

Important Reminder: Dues are payable in September

Dollar Sign Green
There has been confusion in the past about when we pay our annual dues. The answer is September.

All members are requested to pay their dues in September for the 2018-2019 calendar year. Make plans to attend the September 9th meeting and bring your payment.

Reminder: Newsletter Postage and Printing Charge

Starting in September 2018, all members, including life members, who wish to receive the printed and mailed version of our newsletter, will have to cover the cost of printing and postage in the amount of $10 a year, paid in advance in September.

Members who receive the newsletter via email do not have to pay the printed newsletter surcharge along with their dues. Please send us your email address and ask to be taken off the printed newsletter list to receive the newsletter via email.
Postage And Printing

Please send your annual Dues to our Treasurer

Send your check for $20 (plus an additional $10 if you wish to receive the printed and mailed newsletter) made to MPNOD to our Treasurer Marlene B. Carlin, at 14900 SW 71 Ave, Miami, FL 33158. Thank you!

The Telephone Committee will be Calling

Recording Secretary Barbara Koesy will be leading the telephone committee, along with Corresponding Secretary Mary Pyle and member Pat Ware, to reach out to all our members to remind them of upcoming meetings.

It's also a chance for members to offer some feedback and advice, so let us know if you need a ride to a meeting, or if you have an update about a fellow member.
As always, let's share the love of local history with family and friends. Bring a friend, a neighbor or a family member to the next meeting.
Bring a Friend
Miami Pioneers and Natives of Dade Historical Society
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