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Hello friends,
Here is a fresh update from the Miami Pioneers and Natives of Dade Historical Society
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a special invitation to all our friends in South Florida historical organizations...

December 9th at the Museum

If anyone needs a ride to the meeting, please let Seth know.
MP/NOD and MMCC Holiday Party

A Holiday Celebration with Friends

Please mark your calendars for Sunday, December 9th at 2pm, for our Holiday Party at the Coral Gables Museum.

The Miami Pioneers, the Natives of Dade and the Miami Memorabilia Collectors Club will host a pot luck celebration and feast to celebrate the holiday season.
December 9th at 2pm
All our friends in South Florida historical organizations are welcome to join the celebration and social time.

We ask that each member bring a covered dish or a “pot luck” item or just a simple snack. In order to properly coordinate the get-together, please contact Phil Spool, our food coordinator, to let him know what you are bringing. Email Phil at

Phil and Loucee will provide a wonderful baked turkey for the meeting. We'll be adding addition tables in the back of the room for refreshments so there is plenty of room for all the wonderful items brought by members and friends.

You're welcome to bring family and friends along. If you can't bring some food or drink to the event, you can make a $10 donation to help cover costs.
Miami Pioneers and Natives of Dade - President's Message
We enjoyed a terrific November meeting for the Miami Pioneers and Natives of Dade, along with Miami Memorabilia Collectors Club, at the Gables Museum.

Thanks to all members for help and assistance in making the location transition a good bit smoother than I thought it might be. Rob, Mary, Ed English and past Presidents Jim Hartnett and Caesar Philips are all very appreciative of the help we received from so many of our members. Frankly, “Couldn’t uh done it without you!”

Have a wonderful, happy and safe Thanksgiving. Stay well. We’re looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, December 9th at 2pm at the museum.

With all good wishes...
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Seth H. Bramson
Bring a Friend
As always, let's share the love of local history with family and friends. Bring a friend, a neighbor or a family member to the next meeting.
Your officers and board of directors are always eager to hear your suggestions, comments and feedback on matters of importance to you.



Every member is encouraged to contribute to the historical societies by serving on the board of directors, helping with refreshments, the telephone and mail committees, programs and more. Let us know how you can help.
Corresponding Secretary Mary Pyle leads the telephone committee, along with Pat Ware and Janet English. Please share your thoughts and feedback with them when they call. If you have any questions about the telephone committee, contact Mary via email:
After our meetings, our group traditionally enjoys refreshments and social time. If you’re able to contribute to this effort, please bring some small snacks, fresh fruit, cookies, brownies, chips and dip, or a similar item that you’d like to share with your friends.
Miami Pioneers and
Natives of Dade Historical Society
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