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Sunday, January 6 at 2pm

Debunking the Greater Miami Myths

Debunking the Greater Miami Myths
The Miami Pioneers, the Natives of Dade, and the Miami Memorabilia Collectors Club meet at the Coral Gables Museum at 2pm on the first Sunday of the month.

Local historian Seth Bramson offers a presentation on some seemingly misguided characterizations of local history lore with his presentation of Debunking the Greater Miami Myths. The popular tale of Julia Tuttle sending Henry Flagler some orange blossoms — after the devastating freeze of 1895 in Central Florida — in an effort to convince him to extend the railroad to Dade County… was there some truth to it?

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If anyone needs a ride to the meeting, please let Seth know.
Miami Pioneers and Natives of Dade - President's Message
Our first-ever joint holiday party was a smash with lots of great food, wonderful camaraderie and marvelous reminiscences. Members of the Miami Pioneers, the Natives of Dade, and the Miami Memorabilia Collectors Club enjoyed a wonderful gathering while sharing some good food, good times and good conversation.

I know that some members expressed concern with parking on the street or in the city garages. Although we pay a small fee for parking, we're saving the Pioneers and Natives club a lot of money each month and the Memorabilia club no longer has to purchase food, drinks (and tips) at Denny's.

Please make plans to attend the Sunday, January 6 meeting -- and invite a friend or neighbor along. And most importantly, tell your friends.

Collectors: please be sure to bring your newest acquisition so that all may enjoy the items which you have turned up. There will be a board meeting after and all members of our groups will be welcome at that meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you then. Don't forget that dues should have been paid in September, so if you have not gotten around to it, please do so at the meeting.

Be well and have a wonderful, happy and safe holiday.
Seth Bramson Signature
Seth H. Bramson

January Birthdays

3 J. Johnson
5 Rose Morris
6 Mary Pyle
11 Barbara Koesy
11 Joan Madden
12 John McMath
16 Herbert Savage, Sr
17 Joan Clancey
19 Arva McCabe
20 Alice Marie Noble
28 William Glisson
31 Alfred Underwood, Jr D.D.S.
Birthday Cake

Monthly Meetings at Museum

The Miami Pioneers, The Natives of Dade and The Miami Memorabilia Club invite all with an interest in local history to join us at the Coral Gables Museum community room on the first Sunday of each month from 2 to 4pm.

Dues Reminder

If you have not done so already, send your check for $20 (plus an additional $10 if you wish to receive the printed and mailed newsletter) made to MPNOD to our Treasurer Marlene B. Carlin, at 14900 SW 71 Ave, Miami, FL 33158. Thank you!

Newsletter Printing and Room Rental Costs Reduced

Until recently, the cost of our monthly newsletter printing and postage, as well as the monthly fees we paid for the room rental at the church, were in excess of $2,700 a year.

Your MPNOD board of directors have been working hard to reduce these unsustainable expenses that were draining our treasury.

Encouraging members to receive the monthly newsletter by email effectively reduced this cost. The decision to charge a $10 per year annual fee for those that still want to receive this newsletter in the mail was instated by the board, to help cover the ever-rising costs of printing and postage.

We have asked members that do not have email, or those that wish to continue receiving this printed newsletter in the mail, to cover this cost by paying $10 a year, but we’ve seen little response. At some time in the near future, we will stop mailing the printed newsletter to those who have chosen not to pay for it.

Further, the board’s decision to move our monthly meetings to the museum will save the room rental fees in excess of $1,250 a year to balance our budget.
Bring a Friend
As always, let's share the love of local history with family and friends. Bring a friend, a neighbor or a family member to the next meeting.
Your officers and board of directors are always eager to hear your suggestions, comments and feedback on matters of importance to you.

Volunteer - Miami Pioneers and Natives of Dade
Every member is encouraged to contribute to the historical societies by serving on the board of directors, helping with refreshments, the telephone and mail committees, programs and more. Let us know how you can help.
Corresponding Secretary Mary Pyle leads the telephone committee, along with Pat Ware and Janet English. Please share your thoughts and feedback with them when they call. If you have any questions about the telephone committee, contact Mary via email:
After our meetings, our group traditionally enjoys refreshments and social time. If you’re able to contribute to this effort, please bring some small snacks, fresh fruit, cookies, brownies, chips and dip, or a similar item that you’d like to share with your friends.
Miami Pioneers and
Natives of Dade Historical Society
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