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MP/NOD Monthly Meeting for October, 2018 - Old Miami
Our October meeting will again be at the Central Christian Church, 222 Menores Avenue in Coral Gables beginning at 2:30pm on Sunday, October 7th and we expect to have two long time Miamians, Bob Rich and Fred Kirtland as our speakers.

Bob Rich is a long time Miamian who grew up with a love of “The River.” He graduated from Miami High and got to know many of the men and women who actually worked on the river. His book, which he has been working on for some years, details the stories of those men and women who actually worked on the river, dealt with the crews of the ships. This is a series of wonderful, first-hand accounts of life on the Miami River.

Fred Kirtland started at Miami High but then his parents transferred him to Riverside Military Academy, where he completed high school, going on to college from there. With a degree in engineering, he, too, became intimately familiar with the Miami River and went to work at Merrill-Stevens Shipbuilding where he would eventually become President and General Manager. What stories Fred has for us. His great grandfather was a highly placed employee in the freight traffic department of the Florida East Coast Railway, hired directly by Henry Flagler. Seth has timetables in his collection with Mr. Kirtland senior’s name in them.

We look forward to a well-attended October 7th meeting. Please add this date to your calendar and make plans to attend the meeting.

Future Meetings at Museum

Your MP/NOD board has been in discussions with the Coral Gables Museum about holding our monthly meetings there in the near future. We’ve scheduled our Sunday, November 4th meeting at the museum. Details to follow.

Dues Reminder

If you have not done so already, pend your check for $20 (plus an additional $10 if you wish to receive the printed and mailed newsletter) made to MPNOD to our Treasurer Marlene B. Carlin, at 14900 SW 71 Ave, Miami, FL 33158. Thank you!

President's Message

Our first meeting of the 2018-2019 year was a resounding success with a large number of members in attendance. We took the time to allow each member present, and guests, to introduce themselves and tell a bit about their history in South Florida.

Our speaker, Christine Rupp, executive director of Dade Heritage Trust, was terrific. Her presentation was followed by a Q and A. We certainly encourage you to learn more about and become a member of the DHT.

Prior to Chris's presentation we discussed a number of important items/issues including the importance of working more closely with the several organizations which have essentially, the same purposes and goals, most notably the Miami Memorabilia Collectors Club and coordinating events when and where possible.

The Miami Memorabilia Club will be meeting on Monday evening, October 1st, at Denny’s (1 Miracle Mile) in Coral Gables. The speaker will be Chris Rupp. Everyone is invited to attend.

Remembering Our Miami Pioneer Charter Members


Isidor Cohen

In 1936, Isidor Cohen joined thirteen other prominent settlers to became one of the founding members of the Miami Pioneers.

Isidor wrote stories of many prominent early settlers and families, deftly documenting the lives of many Miami's pioneers.
Isador Cohen
While Mr. Cohen was not the very first Jewish settler, on February 6th, 1896, he was the first permanent Jewish settler to arrive on the shores of Biscayne Bay.

Getting acquainted with the area he became acquainted with Ida and Jacob Schneidman, who it appears, might have been the first Jewish people to arrive here. Schneidman died of cancer shortly thereafter and Ida returned to New York. Isidor, about a year later, went to New York, ostensibly on a buying trip for his dry goods store. However, when he returned, Ida, who had become Mrs. Cohen, and her two sons, who Isidor adopted, returned with him to Miami.

For many years, the Sewell Brothers, John and Everest, would claim to be "Miami's first store," but it is just as possible that Cohen's was actually first. In any case, Ida gave birth to a baby girl and Claire Cohen became the first Jewish baby born in Miami.

Isidor would, for many years, serve as the bridge between the Jewish and Gentile communities in Miami and he was both loved and respected by the community's leaders of all faiths. Ida's two sons, who took the name Cohen, went on to long and notable careers in Miami while Claire was in the first graduating class from the University of Miami. Ida founded the original Miami Jewish Home and Hospital for the Aged in 1940 while Claire went on to chair the scrap drives for World War II and founded the March of Dimes in Miami because her husband Sydney's son, Albert Weintraub, had polio. Finally, and unknown even today to the managers of that organization, Claire founded the Science Museum and it is thanks to her and her hard work that that organization came into existence.
Bring a Friend
As always, let's share the love of local history with family and friends. Bring a friend, a neighbor or a family member to the next meeting.
Your officers and board of directors are always eager to hear your suggestions, comments and feedback on matters of importance to you.

Corresponding Secretary Mary Pyle leads the telephone committee. If you have the time and inclination, and would enjoy making calls to friends, let Mary know you're willing to help with the work of this important committee.
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