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Sunday, May 5 at 2pm the Museum

Roads Through The Everglades

with Bruce Epperson - The Building of the Ingraham Highway, the Tamiami Trail and Conners Highway, 1914-1931

In 1915, the road system in Florida south of Lake Okeechobee was little changed from that in place at the conclusion of the Civil War. Those traveling from Miami to Ft. Myers most of the year had to go through Melbourne, Kissimmee, and Tampa.
Roads Through The Everglades, with Bruce EppersonThe Building of the Ingraham Highway, the Tamiami Trail and Conners Highway, 1914-1931
But by 1931, there were three all-weather routes. Most of these roads were built, not to facilitate transportation, but to open up land for large-scale speculation. Ironically, the three roads examined in this presentation, the Ingraham Highway south of Homestead, the Tamiami Trail, and Conner's Highway northwest of West Palm Beach, all failed as land speculation tools, but changed the face of South Florida forever.

Bruce Epperson is a retired attorney and transportation planner who formerly worked in Broward, Miami-Dade County, and for the Office of General Counsel to the U. S. Secretary of Transportation. He lives in Hollywood.

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