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meeting on the first Sunday of each month at 2:30pm, except July and August at Central Christian Church Community Room (please use the rear entrance) 222 Menores Av, Coral Gables, FL 33134
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Sunday, February 4 - starting at 2:30pm at the usual location.

Donn R. Colee Jr. - Towers In The Sand

Donn R. Colee Jr. – Towers In The Sand

Miami Pioneers and Natives of Dade historical society is proud to present a delightful, entertaining and informative program for the Sunday, February 4th monthly meeting, featuring author Donn Colee and his recently published book: Towers in the Sand -- The History of Florida Broadcasting.

Here is the definitive story of the people, the radio and television stations, and the events that built an industry and a state. Towers in the Sand is the only comprehensive history of Florida’s broadcasting industry 1922-2016, the people who brought those stations to life, and the events that saw the state grow from boom to bust and back again to now the nation’s third most populous.

Over a decade in the making and fully referenced and indexed, Towers in the Sand tells stories from over eighty Florida broadcasting pioneers and current leaders from the Keys to the Panhandle. A celebration of broadcasting’s proudest moments through hard-hitting journalism and editorials, lifesaving moments through decades of hurricanes, and lighthearted moments with favorite personalities and promotions, Towers in the Sand also laments the loss of a national treasure as most stations were transformed from local community partners to lines on corporate balance sheets. As broadcasting sits at the precipice of a very uncertain future, the author hopes through this work to engage thought, conversation, and action to ensure its continued relevance in society.
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Sunday, March 4th at 2:30pm at the Central Christian Church Community Room.

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