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Renny Young - Dinner Key and CG Sailing Club

Sunday, February 2 at 2pm

The Early Days Of Dinner Key

Renny Young takes us back to the glory days of Dinner Key Marina and the CG Sailing Club. He was born at the Biltmore Hotel when it was an army hospital and graduated from Coral Gables High School in 1963. His mom and dad were founding members of the coconut grove sailing club in 1946.

Incidentally, his great uncle was Johnny Gruelle, was the originator of the famous Raggedy Ann Doll.

Dinner Key was originally an island, but was connected to the mainland in 1914 by filling in the intervening space. An early source attributes the name to the fact that the island was a convenient place to stop to eat while traveling by boat between the mouth of the Miami River and Snapper Creek, south of Miami.
Renee Young

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