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meeting on the first Sunday of each month at 2:30pm at Central Christian Church Community Room (rear entrance) 222 Menores Av, Coral Gables, FL 33134
Please make plans now to attend the upcoming monthly meetings and be sure to invite a friend or two to enjoy our Sunday afternoon gatherings.

Miami Pioneers and Natives of Dade March Meeting

Please mark your calendar for March 4, the first Sunday of the month at 2:30pm for the monthly meeting of the Miami Pioneers and Natives of Dade historical society at the Central Christian Church Meeting Room, 222 Menores Avenue in Coral Gables.

Important Club Business:

Please Attend the Next Meeting

Your Miami Pioneers and Natives of Dade Nominating Committee has been working to establish a new slate of officers for the 2018-2020 election cycle.

Please come to the meeting on March 4th to participate in the process.
Remember, the April 1st meeting will be the election of new officers and board members, then the 2018 installation luncheon will be held May 6. Our last meeting of the fiscal year will be June 3 before we retire for the summer months of July and August.

Native Orchids of South Florida

Our guest speaker at the March 4th meeting will be Antonio J. Cotarelo.
Antonio has been an active member of South Dade Amateur Orchid Club (SDAOC) for about twenty years, and has held several board positions, during that time. He is currently the second VP of SDAOC.

Born in La Habana, Cuba, he emigrated to Venezuela while still an infant and lived there until he came to the U.S. to attend the University of South Florida where he obtained his Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering degree, which he has practiced as a professional civil engineer for the last 31 plus years.

Antonio’s second passion has been orchid growing; he has been an orchid enthusiast since he was a teenager in Venezuela, where he started his collection with two cattleya species. “I was so proud of my orchids, he says…One day, after school, I went out to the backyard to admire their blooms only to find that an iguana had eaten the flowers. As a matter of fact, the animal was still there, the remnants of my purple Catt disappearing into its mouth as it chewed away.”

Over the years, his orchid collection has grown to over one thousand orchids of all types. The Cattleya alliance is still one of his favorites, along with the Stanhopea family and its allied genera.
Save The Date

Mark Your Calendar
For Upcoming Meetings

Sunday, April 1st at 2:30pm at the Central Christian Church Community Room: semi-annual elections.
Bring a Friend

Please remember to tell your friends about our Miami Pioneers and Natives of Dade historical society.

As always, bring a friend as your guest to share the delightful programs, the camaraderie and the social time with refreshments.

Let your friends know they can reach us on our web site to see the upcoming calendar of events:

or on our FaceBook page:

February and March Birthdays

1-Feb Nancy Bahn
3-Feb Richard Fandrey
5-Feb George Grunwell
8-Feb Bernice Lawton
9-Feb Dr. William Culbertson IV
10-Feb Ava Gunderson
11-Feb William Fisher III
12-Feb Leonard Hoffman
12-Feb Alberta Pallot
12-Feb Juan Riera
13-Feb Robert Hilliard
20-Feb Audrey Ross
21-Feb John Reed
23-Feb Henry Langston
24-Feb Ann Slosser
26-Feb Jean Boccard
27-Feb Larry Wiggins
3-Mar Scott Biggane
7-Mar Elizabeth Whalen
10-Mar Joyce Demirjian
15-Mar Betty Filippi
16-Mar Dr. James Hutson
20-Mar Jane Stubbs
23-Mar Philip Balbi
24-Mar M. Hooper
24-Mar Phillip Tedder
28-Mar Dr. Joseph Fitzgerald

Annual Dues

To ensure that your $20 annual dies are up-to-date, please contact our treasurer, Marlene by phone at 305-332-4376 or send her an email to check your status.

Donations Are Appreciated

Thanks to everyone who gives a little something extra when they're able, such as our suggest donation of $1 when you attend the meetings -- our biggest expense every year. The donation jar in the back of the room makes it easy to contribute this small amount to help pay for the room.

$$ Newsletter Fee

Please note: beginning in September, 2018, the club will charge members $10 a year to receive the MP/NOD newsletter in printed form, sent via the post office.

To save money, your board of directors has decided that our monthly newsletter will become self-sustaining and will no longer be subsidized by member dues.

Everyone is welcome to receive the free newsletter via email. If you wish to continue receiving the printed and mail version, please add the extra $10 to your annual payment for dues in September.

Hello! Have you heard from the telephone committee?

Telephone committee operators are calling members who live in South Florida to reach out with news about upcoming events, elections and other important information. Volunteers are always welcome to help with the telephone committee. If you have the time and enjoy contacting your fellow members, please let us know.

Send email to president Jim Hartnett
Miami Pioneers and Natives of Dade Historical Society
PO Box 144353, Coral Gables, FL 33114-4353
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